Scrum Master, agile developer, pragmatic student, team player, coach. That's me.


I can help you to grow great teams that reliably deliver valuable software.


My thoughts on agile software development.

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The Scrum Master really knows how to keep it (mostly sessions) fun without losing sight of what's important. Seeing him work makes me want to develop myself more into Scrum Mastery.


Services How I can help you

You can hire me as an Agile Coach or Scrum Master to serve-slash-lead your Scrum team, take your agile teams to the next level and help your organization adapt to agile software delivery. I am a PSM III certified Scrum Master, love Scrum and curious to work with any agile software delivery team.

At this point in time, my professional focus is on coaching and guiding software teams, but I do like to deliver value as an agile developer from time to time. I am a professional Scrum developer, comfortable in .NET, JavaScript and Python. As a developer, I am a critical, analytical and creative team player with a passion for high quality code, automated testing and writing documentation.


Working on this team felt really good and gave me the opportunity to expand my role from "just" a tester to a developer.


Marijn van der Zee. That's me!

I love to guide software teams on their journey to deliver valuable software and becoming a great team.

I am a Scrum Master, agile developer, pragmatic student, team player and coach and have been active in the field of software development for well over ten years.

I work in an open and transparent way, sometimes confronting, but always respectful towards people and with the organization's goals in mind. I think I'm skillful and knowledgeable, yet I continuously find that there are better ways to go about my work and that there still is much to learn.

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Want to know a little more about me or the way I work? Read a couple of blog posts or check out my online alter-egos below.

Great help in encouraging the team to ditch a certain framework that bothered us greatly but we found hard to get rid of.


To do, doing, done. What am I up to?

Want to know what I'm up to? Visit my public Trello board .

Right now, I'm not looking for new opportunities as a freelance Scrum Master or Agile Coach as I'm fully booked until June 2017. But I always have time to meet new people. Why wait?

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