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Hey Scrum Master!

  • Are you growing in your Scrum Master role and want to explore product delivery within and beyond the boundaries provided by Scrum?
  • Do you consider taking an advanced Scrum Master certification exam such as PSM2 or even PSM3?
  • Did you attempt an advanced Scrum Master exam, but did not pass and you want to learn why?
  • Do you want to explore Scrum beyond the letter of the law in the Scrum Guide?

Then this Scrum study group I’m hosting might be something for you.

What can you expect to get from this group

Well facilitated, online learning sessions.

Guidance from an experienced Scrum Master (me).

An open and constructive learning environment, focused on your learning experience.

Constructive feedback from me as well as from your peers.

Experienced and knowledgeable peer participants.

What NOT to expect from this group

This study group is not affiliated with, Scrum Alliance, Scrum Inc or any other certification body.

You do not get a free exam when participating in this group.

I am not a professional Scrum trainer.

This group will not provide you with answers to all of your questions.

Session outline & Logistics

Each group will participate in 3 to 5 sessions, depending on the needs of the group.

In this study group we will create and publish our own Advanced Scrum Master Exam; one that reflects our learning journey. After each session we will release a new increment of our exam.

The first session will focus on the boundaries Scrum provides and how these can enhance agility. We’ll pay special attention to the use of language, the Scrum values and the principles underlying Scrum.

We’ll adapt the content of subsequent sessions to the needs of the group.

You need to prepare for each session. Expect one hour preparation time per session.

All sessions will be online. You need a decent laptop and a good internet connection to participate. We’ll use, Google Forms and Mural. All are free of charge for you, since I’ll be hosting the session from my paid accounts.

We’ll run at least one session per week.

Entry criteria

All participants have to be experienced and knowledgeable. You will have to meet the following entry criteria to join a study group:

Our measure for experience is simple: you have facilitated over 20 Sprint Retrospectives OR you have over three years experience as a developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master or manager in a Scrum context.

Our measure of your knowledge is simple: you have passed one of the exams. If you have passed another exam, like Scrum Alliance’s CSM, please contact me for a brief intake.


Costs are €90 per 90 minute session, per participant.

Discounts apply for employees of my clients, please contact me directly.

Discount of 30% applies for participants from outside the top 30 countries by GDP (PPP) per capita, per listing of the IMF.

Discount of 50% applies for participants from outside the top 50 countries by GDP (PPP) per capita, per listing of the IMF.

You can not join this group for free.


Interested? Cool! Sign up below or contact me.