image: © Florian Richter (CC BY)

Ask the team.


Place the team formation checklist next to your team charter. Tell the team that in these five minutes, we will evaluate our team based on this formation checklist.

This team formation check list helps us answer the question: Are we a self-organizing, cross functional Development Team that can turn Product Backlog into Done Product Increment?

Point out a sad, concerned wall and a happy wall. For each item on your team formation checklist, ask the team to show where they feel they stand on this item. At the same time, each member does this individually, by positioning themselves somewhere between the sad and happy wall.

This is a very quick way to show each other where everybody stands. Capture the constellation on the checklist. Try to end with a fun, positive item.

Example checklist

Example items on your checklist can be:

  • Cross functional: our teams has all the skills needed to create a Done Product Increment
  • Independent: our team has no dependencies outside the team to deliver.
  • Goal: we have an inspiring goal.
  • Team Size: our development team is small enough to enable great communication and large enough to enable creativity and resilience
  • Motivation: I’m looking forward to working on this team!


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