image: © Richard Vignola (CC BY-NC-ND)

This is my simplest view on the relationship of trust between teams and their managers.

Play a bit with the model. What do you observe?


How can we show trust?

Can you think of additional ways to increase trust levels? To decrease?

How does all this influence the impact the team can have?

This model is one big positive feedback loop. So it can rage out of control - for the good or the bad. Can you think of negative feedback loops that might stabilize the system? As a manager, does such a system require rigorous actions, or gentle manipulation?

As a manager - what commitment does the team have to express for them to gain your trust? Given that commitment - how would the team feel if you asked them to subscribe to that commitment?

As a team - if you find yourself in a low-trust situation, what can you do improve the relationship of trust? What would that require from the people on the team? What do you need from your environment? What would you need from your manager?

How does the Scrum value of courage relate to this model? What about the values of respect, openness and commitment?

What would the diagram look like if we reverse our point of view? E.g. if we’d try to model the team’s trust in the manager?

All causal loop diagrams are models and thus they're wrong and useful at the same time. You can remix a model to make it more closely represent your context. Please share your remixed model with the world!


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