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I think a lot of people are afraid of writing code and then they go and kind of talk about it … “oh I first have to write my UML diagrams” … Wrong! Just open the freaking editor and start coding.

Erik Meijer, GOTO 2015 • One Hacker Way

Another interesting part of this post is Erik’s rant on Agile and Scrum. I hope I can enable some Hacker Spirit in the development teams I serve. Personally, I see lots of overlap in good Scrum and Erik’s “Hacker Way” values.

This is a problem that might not exist. A Heisenproblem!

It would be interesting to compare these values to “good” Scrum; that is an incarnation of Scrum that breaths the Scrum values of courage, respect, commitment, focus and openness.

Facebook's Hacker Way values

Scrum value Hacker way value
Openness Be Open
Focus Focus on impact
Courage Be Bold
Respect Build Social Value
Commitment Move Fast


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