image: © Richard Vignola (CC BY-NC-ND)

Last Tuesday was my last day at TransFollow.

I would like to thank everybody at TransFollow (and Beurtvaartadres) for the opportunity to work together for well over a year. I greatly admire the courage you all show while going through the organizational transitions required by the ever changing environment, whilst staying true to your mission of being an independent service provider to all logistic parties involved. I wish you all the best on the journey ahead!

It has been a great experience for me personally, giving me a unique opportunity to uncover better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it

Thank you Rob for hiring me and showing what a true agile manager might look like.

Thank you Ernst for challenging me and showing me what a great product owner might look like.

Thank you Youri for showing me what it means to create space where others can shine.

I would like to thank the Scrum teams I served for their humbleness and sense of humor, illustrated by the T-shirt you presented me last Tuesday:


The front says: So I helped my team achieve technical excellence …


The back says: and all I got was this lousy T-shirt …

Thank you Ad, Ali, Bob, Coen, Ernst, Frank K, Frank vE, Marco B, Marco M, Miro, Pjotter, Raymond, Ricardo, Sara, Simone, Sven, Torsten and Valentijn; for your courage, openness, the laughs we had together, for getting to know you and the lousy T-shirt.

Let’s keep in touch!


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