image: © Richard Vignola (CC BY-NC-ND)

Could you send me your resume?

Some recruiter

Yes, you can have my resume. I will not send it to you, but you can download my resume from this website, in pdf format.

I keep my public LinkedIn profile up to date. Regularly, say once every few months, I’ll update my resume, using LinkedIn’s Resume Builder and post the updated resume to my website. So the version here might lag a bit, but not significantly.

Are you a recruiter or IT outsourcing provider?

It is very likely that you did not give me a call (you can reach me at +31(0)6 387 414 82), since most opt to send me an e-mail or LinkedIn connection request. Now this is not necessarily bad, since you might be saving both of us precious time! However, if we would have spoken each other, you would already be familiar with my conditions for us to do business:

  • I don’t mind you making money from my services, as long as it is mutually beneficial to you, me and our client;
  • I will be transparent with my rate and I expect you to be transparent too;
  • I charge all my clients the same rates for my services (and I am aware that this does not necessarily makes sense business-wise);
  • I am available as an independent contractor, so I’m looking for clients and not for employers.

Of course, none of this is fixed in stone, and if you’ve got a good story to tell then I’m more than willing to listen.


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