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On LinkedIn a big a network is important. Your network is a reflection of your personal brand. How to grow your network in a way that it reflects your personal brand?

This is my plan. Feel free to use it as a template for yours.

My personal brand

I’m an honest, transparent, confronting, caring, capable, learning, and knowledgeable grower of agile software teams. Life is short, so:

  • grow high quality software,
  • grow high quality teams,
  • grow high quality relations.

I’d like my network to reflect this.


There are many reasons why big network helps. One goal can be to reach a larger audience. Let’s run the following experiment:

When I grow my LinkedIn network to 500+ connections, my next availability update in late September will reach 1000 views.

At the time of writing, my network has 357 connections. My August status update got 538 views. I should be able to grow my network to 500 connections in two weeks. Then I’ll post a similar status update and see how many views it receives in two weeks.


There are many articles online that give tips to get to 500 and describe how to get to 500. I will not repeat those here.

I want to get to 500 AND build a quality network.

These are my principals for building a quality network:

  • The best connections are those where there is mutual benefit in building a relationship, connections are two-way.
  • Be kind, genuine and sincere.
  • Aim for the long run, not the short-term win.


These are the actions I will take:

  • Update my profile
  • Find people to connect to, first I will look in the agile community
  • Join some more groups
  • Do some networking on LinkedIn everyday
  • Personalize my connection requests

What will you do?

You could start by sending me a personalized connection request on LinkedIn!


It's great having you as a connection Marijn! How are your actions progressing?

Jasper, 25 Sep 2017, 21:57 UTC

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