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I have created an overview of the most valuable resources I used for improving my Scrum Master Play. It is available as this Trello board.

On the board I list resources I found useful to learn and improve my Scrum Master Play. I only list resources I actually have used, found useful and highly recommend.

As Scrum Masters, we are servant leaders providing services to the Product Owner, the Development Team, the Scrum Team as a whole and the organization. I organized the resources according to these Scrum Master Clients.

About the order

The order of the cards within each list is an order I suggest to new Scrum Masters. Once you get started you will quickly find a different order is more appropriate for you. That’s fine :)

About the labels

I have added Shu, Ha and Ri labels to the resources. Some consider ShuHaRi harmful, but in this context, I find them rather useful. Let me explain …

Shu labeled resources are useful for learning a set of practices, methods or tools that can readily (and safely) be applied to your team.

Ha labeled resources help you reflect on the art of Scrum Mastery and the services you provide. These resources will present different perspectives on software development and will give you great ideas for experiments that just might break some Scrum rules, yet be of great value in your specific context.

Ri labeled resources will help you get deeper understanding of underlying principles and values, without prescribing much. It’s up to you to apply the information in your own context. The actual learning will come from applying this knowledge in your own domain.

Missing something?

There’s lots of stuff I have read and tried but did not find as useful as the resources listed here. There’s even more stuff I want to explore but simply haven’t found the time for yet. On this board, I intend to only list resources I actually have used, found useful and highly recommend.

If there is stuff you think I should explore, or wonder why resources got left out, please let me know in the comments below.


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