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PSP Badge

Note: as of July 26th, this certification was renamed to PSM II.

This afternoon I passed my Professional Scrum Practitioners exam as part of my preparation for an advanced Scrum Master course I’m attending next month. The exam was quite a bit harder than the PSM I, PSPO I and PSD I exams. The questions are longer, require more precise reading and require better judgment; answers are less clear-cut and passing the exam requires more than reading the Scrum Guide and practicing some open assessments. This made taking the exam a more challenging and more pleasant experience.

Scrum mastery is a journey, not a destination. After PSM I, Professional Scrum Practitioner (PSP) is a new intermediate-level assessment that enables you to demonstrate that you know Scrum AND that you can apply your knowledge and experience in complex real-world situations.

The PSP assessment is not actively promoted and I’m the 75th person on the certification list. The kind of badge we would appreciate on Stack Overflow :)

I answered two facilitation / coaching questions incorrectly - good thing I’m taking a course next month …


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