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Within a Scrum Team, the Product Owner is the voice of the business. The Product Owner communicates the needs and desires of a stakeholder community to an agile delivery team. His primary responsibility is to maximize the value of the product and the work the development team does.

Want to learn more about the Product Owner role? Here are some resources. If you are short on time, watch Kniberg’s Product Ownership in a nutshell (15 minutes):

These are some additional resources to get a better understanding of what the Product Owner role entails:

  1. The Product Owner role as described in the Scrum Guide. The Scrum Guide provides us with a formal, minimal description of the product owner role. Applies when doing Scrum and probably in other agile software development contexts as well.
  2. The product owner role according to Mike Cohn. A decent short overview.
  3. The product owner’s responsibilities according to Roman Pichler. Good summary of responsibilities, as well as interesting classifications (big vs small Product Owner, component vs feature vs product owner). Every Product Owner should carefully study Pichler’s work.
  4. Some example Job descriptions. Do you feel these job descriptions accurately describe the Product Owner Role? Would you apply for this position?
  5. An example list of 37 tasks for the Product Owner. An incomplete list of tasks that does paint an accurate picture of what a product owner does.
  6. A product owner checklist. A short checklist you can quickly use to assess your product owner performance.
  7. Re-read the role description in the Scrum Guide.

I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.


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