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In my previous post I listed my personal take in servant leadership. In this post I’ll briefly recap the resources I used and how I found them to be helpful.


I came across to two great introductory blog post on the subject of Scrum Masters as servant leaders. In his post The Scrum Master as servant leader, Barry Overeem gives a succinct review of Servant Leadership in the context of Scrum and Agile Software Development.

A great accompanying read is A question about the Scrum Master, where James Scrimshire covers similar ground.

Stephanie Ockerman has written about 5 actions of an effective servant leader. Very actionable indeed!


Reading Scrum Mastery by Geoff Watts triggered me to investigate servant leadership a bit further.

A comprehensive guide on servant leadership is provided here on cleverism.


Of course, the canonical resource on servant-leadership is the essay “Servant as Leader” by Robert K. Greenleaf, available through or google. To me this was a thought-provoking read. Normally it would take me an hour at most to read a 27-page document, but this took me an entire morning. Perhaps because of quotes like: “The prudent man is one who constantly thinks of ‘now’ as the moving concept in which past, present moment, and future, are one organic unity.”. Quotes like this either have me throw the book out of the window, or read them again and ponder. The latter happened in the case of this particular paper, at this particular morning. This paper made it to my Scrum Resources collection.

If you have read mr. Greenleaf’s essay, you might interested in some further explorations of the servant-leadership tenets and some academic critisism in this research paper by Carol Smith.


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