image: © garshna (CC BY-NC-ND)

I started studying Scaled Agile Framework. I’m trying (really hard) to keep an open mind. My first reaction when reading about this framework was … “What is this?!? This can not be right! This is WRONG! Poor people!”. Well that probably tells you a lot about me personally and very little about SAFe - of which I know very little.

So, I did a morning read-up on SAFe; first finding confirmation of my personal biases from [Ken Schwaber], [Ron Jeffries] and this article with some fairly sound [SAFe criticism]. Then I read an InfoQ article by Lyssa Adkins on SAFe pointing out some good stuff. I watched this video on Youtube by Lars Roost and Henrik Kniberg.

Then I decided to at least study SAFe a bit. I’m giving myself 4 morning slots of 3 hours to study the 500+ page SAFe 4.0 Reference Guide and three one-hour sessions to write about what I’ve learned.

Note: For me this is an exercise in learning about something that (initially) sends shivers down my spine. I tried studying Prince2 (I started two times) and failed early.


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