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After completing Code School’s Fundamentals of Design course , I thought I’d write up a small style guide for my site. Voilà!

Typography professional yet personal

The audience for my site are people who consider hiring me or are interested in what I’m currently doing. I’d like to leave a professional impression with both, with a friendly and personal tone.

I found it quite hard to pick the typefaces to use to match above goals - I guess this is where true designers shine and I go blank. Anyway, I went with the Liberation Sans, -Serif and -Mono as main fonts. The Liberation fonts were designed as free-as-in-speech replacements for the Arial and Times New Roman fonts commonly found in offices suites. The fonts match well with my company logo. I also specified some web-safe fall-back sans-serif and serif pairs. Body text will always be a serif typeface, headings will always be sans.

Base font size is 18px, which I find pleasantly readable and it works well with the short headlines on the main page as well as the size of my blog posts. For sizing all other elements, I rely on Twitter Bootstrap’s Customizer and a custom config.json file with LESS variables. The Bootstrap customizer sizes all other fonts relatively to this base size.

"@font-family-sans-serif": "\"Liberation Sans\", Arial, sans-serif",
"@font-family-serif": "\"Liberation Serif\", \"Times New Roman\", serif",
"@font-family-monospace": "\"Liberation Mono\", \"Courier New\", monospace",
"@font-family-base": "@font-family-serif",
"@font-size-base": "18px",


Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger

I used an analogous color scheme based on the two green colors from my company logo and some tweaking with the Adobe Color Wheel to come to the above color scheme. I mapped the colors to the 5 Bootstrap brand-variables:

"@brand-primary": "darken(#009279, 0.5%)",
"@brand-success": "darken(#B5D334, 6.5%)",
"@brand-info": "#C5B4FF",
"@brand-warning": "#D38334",
"@brand-danger": "#AD1B11",

I choose a grayish background and a slightly darker navbar.


I use a responsive, 12 column grid with 30px gutters. It works well on desktops, laptops and hand-held devices. Main page has a single top-down navigation flow. The blog has a top-down navigation and an archive on the right.


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