image: © Alan Levine (CC 0 Public Domain)


Note: as of July 26th 2016, this certification was renamed to PSM III.

This Sunday I passed my Professional Scrum Master II exam.

Special thanks to Sabina, Youri and Coen for their help and support in my preparation for the exam. Not only did I receive valuable feedback from you, but talking about our Scrum Master play and sharing our experience was extremely valuable to me … and a lot of fun too! Let’s continue sharing and talking.

The PSM II exam was pretty challenging and a lot of fun to do. Many of the questions are case-study and essay questions. At times I got carried away a bit, which led to time pressure throughout the exam. I finished the exam with barely half a minute to spare, leaving me no time to review my answers.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with the result, but by no means feel I’m done learning. The journey never ends!


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